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More Women SucceedAs Business Owners


"More Women Succeed As Business Owners"

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Whether disenchanted with the "glass ceiling," motivated by the need to achieve or, confident in their ability to drive a dream to reality, more women are starting their own businesses. Today, 40 to 50 percent of all businesses are owned by women, and have an admirable success rate -- 75 percent.

Why would women give up the security and benefits of climbing the corporate ladder to climb their own? Reasons vary from the desire to control their own time and destiny, to gain flexibility and financial independence and to believing that there is simply a better way to do "it," whatever "it" is.

Certainly it takes dedication, as well as creativity, tenacity, confidence and courage to put your career, assets and energy on the line. 
Female business owners face not only the traditional challenges of capitalization, planning, marketing and staffing, but also more subtle challenges, such as competing in male-dominated fields. Despite the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the subject of borrowing money likely will touch off any number of stories in a group of female business owners. For that special breed -- female business owners -- the rewards of meeting those challenges can be worth the long hours and few or no vacations -- whatever it takes to make the business succeed and still retain some form of a balanced life. If the entrepreneurial bug bites, it may be hard to find any other remedy except to join the growing number of female bosses. 

Besides being willing to work hard, ask yourself if you possess: o Sufficient capitalization for a recommended two years. o A workable business plan. o Family support. o A willingness to reinvest profits back into the business. o The discipline to sustain both a personal and professional life.

Just because you can make a good cookie, doesn't guarantee that you are the next Mrs. Fields.

Dr. Connie Sitterly, CPCM, is an international management consultant, trainer & author of:
The Woman Manager
, The Female Entrepreneur,
and co-authored
A Woman's Place: Management
Her company, Management Training Specialists,
provides training, consulting on numerous workplace issues. 
She can be reached at

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Fort Worth, TX 76147

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