Management Training Specialists
is a full-service consulting/training/publishing provider specializing in challenging workplace issues. We develop each program to meet specific needs and requirements while incorporating innovative approaches to critical business issues for organizational and professional effectiveness.

Since its formation in 1983 MTS has developed and presented programs internationally for over 350 clients and continues to build a broad client base by providing sustainable results, support, and award-winning service.  

MTS Is Unique In Six Critical Areas:

  1. Customization through extensive development;

  2. Presentations by credentialed, experienced professionals;

  3. Twenty-plus Train-Your-Trainer licensed certification programs;

  4. Integration of training, facilitating, consulting;

  5. Inclusion of supplemental tools in the programs and manuals;

  6. Support and follow-up by a dedicated staff. We do demonstrate what we teach!

A full-service consulting/training provider, Management Training Specialists consults on workplace and personnel issues including sexual harassment, diversity, conflict, teaming, quality - service improvement, interpersonal skills... enabling both organizations and professionals to gain a competitive edge. MTS designs each program to specifically meet your needs, issues and requirements.


MTS built an international reputation on what we do best... listening to our clients and understanding their unique needs and requirements, customizing each program to “fit” desired goals, and providing personal attention and support.

  • We integrate consulting with training in both the development and facilitation.

  • Our trainers are more than educated and experienced, they are people-pleasing, credentialed, recognized specialists.  

  • We engage participants to ask questions and facilitate personal application.  

  • You pay for results, training needs met, problems solved and the process enjoyed. We don’t just teach Quality, Team, Attitude and Customer Service... we live it!  We deliver excellence.  Nothing less.  And, we do it consistently with passion and purpose.

  • MTS offers 22 licensed certification TRAIN-YOUR-TRAINER programs.

  • MTS programs are customized or developed to meet your specific objectives for a positive impact on business issues and individual needs.


  • Attitude: Dealing With Negativity
  • Change
  • Conflict & Resolving Differences
  • Consulting - How to start and Grow a Successful Consulting Business
  • Customer Service
  • Dealing With Challenging People And Situations
  • Influencing Without Authority
  • This is just a brief list of our most requested training program topics.
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    Negativity impacts morale, teamwork, quality - even retention of valued employees. Designed to help you reduce frustration with dealing with negative people and difficult situations, this program provides practical solutions for positive attitude maintenance and improved relationships and performance. Recognize negativity and become more optimistic and solution oriented. Assess and recharge your attitude and enthusiasm by recycling problems into opportunities with solutions. 

    Facing rapid and continuous change is a way of life driven by continuous improvement, service, teamwork, productivity, empowerment, performance management, and more. To stay competitive, both organizations and individuals must manage change proactively. This session will clarify our roles, help us to use events to create win-win situations for both the organization and ourselves, understand change to stay motivated and productive under challenging conditions and transitions.

    Managing conflict is an essential people skill for propelling professional and personal success. How differences are resolved can be as important as the issue itself. Learn how to recognize different types of conflict, apply resolution strategies, confront without hostility, recognize signals, value differences & set empowering ground rules for win-win outcomes, less stress, more confidence and better relationships and results.

    Because quality service impacts the bottom-line, developing internal-external customer skills is essential in every business. Superior service is no longer an option, and external service is only as good as internal service. Participants will learn how service impacts results, establish service attitudes, identify service improvement opportunities, develop a service improvement plan, drive the service commitment to all levels, and maintain a high level of quality service throughout your business or organization.

    Dealing with different types of people day in and day out can prove a challenge in today’s fast-paced environment. This course is designed to help you reduce frustration and burnout in dealing with challenging people and situations, give and take criticism, solve problems, avoid being the target for bad behavior, improve communication with tact and sensitivity, provide practical solutions to dealing with challenging people and situations. 

    As more and more companies re-organize along the lines of a horizontal structure as opposed to the vertical style of management, those who need to get action from other employees are not necessarily those in charge. As responsibilities increase, smooth operations and productivity of the organization depend on the ability to collaborate for common goals. Influencing Without Authority deals with the challenges of those who face increasing responsibilities without having the mandated authority to demand results from others. Participants will receive the tools to achieve goals, build confidence and collaboration, lead and deal more effectively with others. 

    Marginal performance impacts results, relationships and can lead to escalating situations and deteriorating performance. Recognize symptoms early  to appropriately correct, prevent and improve performance or conduct. Learn how to respond to performance problems due to attitude or ability, communication, motivation, skill or insubordination. Develop a performance management plan with agreed upon tasks, responsibilities, and follow-up.

    Learn what sexual harassment is, the laws, company policies and procedures on harassment, how to respond to inappropriate comments or behaviors or to an employee's concern,  fulfill our legal and moral obligations.

    An employee walks into your office and claims sexual harassment. What should you do or not do? This program will strengthen your company and protect your people by preparing participants to swiftly and effectively deal with sexual harassment, determine what happened, respond with actions appropriate to the facts by investigating complaints and handling sexual harassment claims in a way that is fair to all parties -- from prevention, throughout investigation to corrective action.

    Gain practical skills to improve your effectiveness & enhance your confidence as a supervisor, respond to higher expectations & increased responsibilities in a changing workplace. Learn how to interview, hire, solve problems, make individual & group decisions, lead a team, identify workstyles, develop & train, coach & evaluate performance, counsel and discipline, schedule, reward and recognize, solicit suggestions, give & receive feedback and directions, delegate, set goals, use authority appropriately, resolve conflicts, plan, manage multiple projects & priorities, understand legal issues, prevent harassment & discrimination, communicate, & build teamwork.

    What does it take to get on top and stay there? This presentation is based on the book by the same name, written by Dr. Connie Sitterly. You will learn how to maximize your present position, understand power and politics, lead, gain visibility, be taken seriously, identify career competencies and overcome career blocks, develop promotable skills, network, leadership and initiative. (Book available.)

    In the midst of a rapid changing, competitive business environment characterized by diversity, restructuring, downsizing and quality/service initiatives, teams drive the improvement process to accomplish more, better, faster. This course will help turn your group into a team, provide the guidance to avoid pitfalls of teaming, and create an esprit de corps in your workplace.

    Dealing with hostility and violence in the workplace is an escalating issue costing U.S. companies $40 billion annually, and families, co-workers, friends and victims... unmeasurable. Recognize warning signs and traits of difficult or potentially violent employees, understand possible catalysts and legal considerations, learn how to diffuse potential violence, assemble crisis team, develop procedures and policies, deal with trauma. Learn how to talk with a potentially violent employee... what to do, what not to do.


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