What does The Coach coach?
One-on-one consulting regarding interpersonal skills, workplace issues, and conflict resolution for individuals, teams, and boards.

  • effective and cooperative workplace relationships
  • specific people or interpersonal skills as needed 
  • relationships and results among and between co-workers, manager-staff, teams, or departments
  • improved outcomes with challenging personalities
  • a traditional, autocractic management style into a more collaborative, participative style

The Coach's Corner

When a staff member or patient brings a complaint, grievance, or harassment allegation
Whom can you call?

The Workplace Doctor

Legal actions, allegations, informal or formal complaints, poor performance appraisals or critical feedback can result in derailed careers, lost customers and patients, unproductive teams, and broken partnerships when a physician, manager, or team lacks the insight or skills to deal effectively with challenging people and issues.

Outstanding technical or operational proficiencies and credentials are not enough to prevent patient, staff, customer complaints, grievances, or suits. It takes awareness, sensitivity, knowledge, and skills.

When an issue occurs, there may not be time to attend countless seminars with the hope of gleaning one or two points. There is an alternative.....
The Coach's Corner, professional personal development and one on one coaching.

Whether it's a need for immediate skills, facilitating solutions, counseling a confidentially sensitive issue, one on one coaching can provide timely, targeted results to accommodate chaotic schedules and short time demands.

The comprehensive, interactive process provides clients the knowledge, skills, feedback, and support needed to facilitate solutions usually over a one to six month period, depending on time availability and skill-knowledge level. 

A variety of assessment tools, learning resources and approaches, interviews, in-depth feedback sessions, and plans are selected based upon the individual's specific development needs and goals.

When Is a Coach Useful?

What If:

  • What if a hospital administrator receives a staff or patient complaint that a doctor is abrasive, rude, or insensitive? 

  • What if a group of physicians, city council, board, team or department needs assistance to facilitate and resolve issues and set goals?

  • What if a sexual harassment complaint is filed against a manager or employee?

  • What if city council members need to learn how to function like a team, resolve issues, and enjoy the process?

  • What if a city manager recognized that their police and fire departments were not working well together, had different approaches, personality conflicts, and the situation could potentially impact public safety?

Coaching clients benefit from the candor and competencies of an experienced, credentialed, executive coach who can provide confidential, honest and objective feedback, as well as resources, expertise and guidance.

As a nationally recognized expert on workplace issues, Dr. Connie Sitterly, CMC, (Certified Management Consultant) works with individuals and groups, including executives, administrators, managers, directors, boards, team leaders, project managers, physicians and other healthcare, city councils, among others to measurably improve relationships and results.

Dr. Connie Sitterly, CMC, brings the credentials, expertise and experience with hundreds organizations and individuals, blending her competencies as a consultant, international trainer and speaker, executive coach, mediator, entrepreneur, author and educator.

CMC (Certified Management Consultant) is awarded by the Institute of Management Consultants USA and signifies the highest standards of consulting and adherence to the ethical canons of the profession. For more information www.sittcom.com

If 80% of your people time seems spent on 20% of your people, if issues at work seem to drain your time and resources, if employees or colleagues don’t seem to do what they are supposed to do or behave how they supposed to behave, if developing an internal potential leader would be better than recruiting a new one, if accelerating one’s professional development and/or potential career advancement has appeal, if navigating a work transition is challenging, then individual coaching and/or consulting with Dr. Connie Sitterly, in the following areas may provide the most time and cost effective solution.

Solutions, guidance, resources

· Workplace People Problems
· Challenging Personalities, Conduct or Behavior Issues
· Marginal Performers
· Morale and Negativity
· Listening, interpersonal and communication skills
Sensitivity Awareness
· Problem Solving and Decision Making
· Delegation, Assigned or Assumed
· Project Teams
· Conflict or Issue Resolution
· Criticism and Feedback
· Marginal Performance, Employees or Team Members
· Discipline/Praise/Recognition/Rewards/ Incentives
· Performance Appraisal
· Multiple Projects, Time and Priorities
· Meetings- Results in Less Time
· Turn Your Group into a Team
· Service-Internal and External
· Sexual Harassment and Sensitivity Awareness
· Goal Setting and Planning Outcomes
· Leadership and Management Skills
· Change and Transition
· Motivation and Influence
· Stress

Coaching engagements usually consists of a series of one on one, face to face and telephone sessions with follow-up.

Customized programs, policies, procedures and training also available for Service, Quality, Crisis Planning and Workplace Violence, Mentoring, Harassment, Diversity and Gender Initiatives, Progressive Discipline, Employee Handbooks among others.

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