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Act Now or Pay Later
365 Choices to Aleve Workplace and Personal Stress

What makes you feel good? What do you enjoy? Often what we enjoy most in life we give too little time or attention. It's not always a matter of time or money; it is a personal choice, commitment, and discipline. When we set and achieve our goals or targets for changes, life seems more meaningful and fun.

As quickly as possible, list 10 things you like or enjoy the most.











Place a $ mark next to each item costing over $20 and a + beside each that you spend the most time doing. Review the list and conclude what, how and why you do or do not spend time on the activities that you listed.

Are you spending time on the activities that you enjoy the most? If not, why not? Is it really about money or time?

Decisions are a personal choice, based on beliefs and values which determine actions or inaction that ultimately determines results and outcomes.



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