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What can The Workplace Doctor help you with?

  • Conflicts
  • Challenging personalities
  • Marginal performance
  • Incohesive teams
  • Stress or burn-out
  • Insensitive or inappropriate conduct
  • Harassment or workplace violence
  • Personnel or supervision issues

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A full-service customized consulting / training-development provider, MTS focuses on workplace and personnel issues including diversity, harassment, conflict, communication, service, and teaming. (See list of Topics).

Over the past 20+ years, MTS has developed and presented award winning programs for over 350 businesses, organizations, government agencies and universities in four countries.

Seventeen years of research, working with hundreds of organizations, and training thousands in public and private sectors, has spawned these best of the best, "nuggets" of downloadable information on workplace topics.  Learn in 100 pages or less what others would have you wading through mountains of pages to glean. Simply put…information when you most need it…NOW! 

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Dr. Connie Sitterly

Certified Management

Founder of MTS & President of
Sittcom, Inc

Award Winning Trainer

Executive Coach
Keynote Speaker 

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